About Us

Boost your capacity with a team that delivers. We get your world.

The Green Rocket Services team exists to be an extension of an apartment building’s on-site team whenever and however needed: make readies, maintenance, HVAC, and full or partial rehabs.

We offer a variety of smart maintenance and rehab services, designed specifically for apartment managers, maintenance leaders, and real estate investors. We were born out of multi-family, we solved it for ourselves, we love to help, and we get your world.

The company was established in 2017 after years of observing the operational inefficiencies of the traditional on-site maintenance model, coupled with a key gap in the marketplace for reliable, cost-effective trade and construction services specifically designed for multi-family property management, yet executed by a reliable team with a long-term ROI and asset-management lens.

The founders of Green Rocket Services have a unique perspective, having completed hundreds of millions in multi-family real estate transactions, while also launching their own property management company in 2014 after experiencing the structural flaws of outsourced 3rd party property management firms, who have little to no incentive to optimize overall property performance, and especially vendor services.

Green Rocket Services exists to provide a refreshing, reliable solution to asset managers (owner/investors), on-site property managers, and regional maintenance managers looking to supplement their existing capacity with services they can rely on and a team they can trust.  We help fill the gaps in your schedule and knock out your time-sensitive turns, service calls, and rehabs, all while doing it in smart way with a team that delivers. Give us a call!