• Worker fixing a thermostat
  • Worker inspecting a furnace


We serve as your reliable capacity boost for interior and exterior HVAC services and installs. We can handle:

  • Service – Diagnostics & Repair
    • At Green Rocket Services, the HVAC team exists to be an extension of an apartment building’s on-site team whenever and however needed
      • We serve as your reliable source for HVAC diagnosis with only necessary repair suggestions that will boost your capacity
  • Installation – Full or Partial Systems
    • Our HVAC team installs full or partial systems, assists with efficiency upgrades, or complete ductwork modification
      • Our team specializes in all types of Multi-family HVAC systems: Conventional and PTAC systems
  • Smart Preventative Maintenance Programs
    • Smart PM programs are designed to maintain equipment and keep them running without failure during the hottest and coldest times of the year
      • Our Preventative Maintenance Programs can extend the lifespan of the current equipment, lower critical failures, decrease costly repairs, and install new filters for improved air quality, which helps maintain healthy relationships with your residents